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Eddie Van Halen Collection

It's time to 'Jump' into another selection of gear. This time we visit some of the gear of Eddie Van Halen

It's time to 'Jump' into another selection of gear. This time we visit Eddie Van Halen, with electric guitars and amps from EVH, the Dunlop signature EVH Wah, and the MXR EVH90SE Phaser and EVH117 Flanger. This is only a small selection of the Van Halen gear available so make sure and take a look at the whole lot in stock now

Do you enjoy the refined look of the Wolfgangs? Or are you a straight up one pickup Striped series kinda player? Whichever you choose we've got you covered. The Wolfgang range includes some incredible looking guitars, solid colours, quilted tops, floyd roses, or fixed bridges, there is something to suit everyone's style of playing. The Striped series on the other hand is the recognisable EVH look, with a stripped back one pickup rock machine outfit. Perfect for jumping right in to some chunky riffs. 

If you want that crunchy brown sound that we all love, along with some blistering lead tones, you need to start with the 5150III 15W LBX head. Full valve power in a tiny lunchbox sized amp, this thing is portable, loud, and with two channels available, you can get into incredible Crunch or a "Full Burn" overdrive mode for endless sustain. Face-melting solos not included. 

This little guy is the EVH90SE, a 35th anniversary pedal from Dunlop. Fully equipped with spacey, hypnotic warbles, and a hand painted colour scheme based on one of Eddie's Frankensteins, this pedal looks as great as it sounds. 

Who could forget the iconic EVH117 Flanger? This pedal features the whooshing, sweeping magic of the original MXR Flanger, but with a twist, the "EVH Switch". This button gives you full 'Unchained' tone at your fingertips, instantly re-living some timeless Van Halen classics. Add the rocking paint job, and you have an incredible pedal waiting to slot into your pedalboard.


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