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About Ableton Controllers

Ableton was founded back in 1999. They brought out the first version of Live in 2001, and have since improved and reworked it several times.

Ableton's Live software is nothing short of groundbreaking. It is used by thousands of producers and musicians every day. It can be used in the studio for recording and creating tracks, or for live performances. A lot of staff here at guitarguitar use it themselves for these exact purposes.

Third-party Ableton controllers have been around for a long time, but none of them can compare to the Push! Push is Ableton's own MIDI controller for Live, designed to control everything you can possibly do within the software. This means you can lose the mouse and stop staring at the screen, and get hands on with your music!

Frequently Asked Questions about Ableton Controllers

Question: Are all the cables to get started included?
Yes. A power supply and USB cable are included with Push.
Question: Is Ableton Live software included with Push?
You get a copy of Live 10 Intro included with Push. You can always upgrade to Standard or Suite later.