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About Ableton Software

Ableton's software Live 10 gives you everything you need. You can run plenty of channels and get into complex routing. There are plenty of built-in effects and instruments, as well as handy production tools.

Where Ableton's recording software stands out is its Session View feature. This view allows you to arrange and perform on the fly within the software, by launching and looping 'clips'. This can be really handy for arranging a song, as you can record the performance and arrange the song more by feel. This spares you from clicking and dragging, and allows you make more 'in the moment' decisions.

Ableton Live 10 is also a very powerful live performance tool. You can sequence hardware instruments, playback audio, create loops and so much more! We really do recommend Ableton music software to anyone interested in recording!

Frequently Asked Questions about Ableton Software

Question: Do I need to install the software from a CD/Hard Drive?
Not at all! When you buy an Ableton Live 10 code from us, we email this over to you along with a download link. For what's included, it's a small download.