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About Apogee

Apogee has been making quality digital audio products since 1985. Originally making anti-aliasing filters for high-end audio recording systems, Apogee has since expanded. Nowadays, Apogee are renowned for bringing professional audio recording to the home studio. Their products are clean and easy-to-use, consisting of the highest quality components.

Some of their most popular products are the Duet and Element audio interfaces. These feature pristine analogue to digital conversion and studio-grade preamps. Not to mention they have super intuitive controls, all in a compact package. Many of their products are compatible with Mac, PC and iOS devices. This allows for a lot of flexibility and is very useful in a portable recording rig.

What makes Apogee different?

  • High-end analogue to digital audio conversion
  • Many products are iOS compatible
  • Clean, easy-to-use controls
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Apogee

    Question: Who uses Apogee products?
    Apogee products have been heavily endorsed by many pro musicians. This includes superstar DJ Steve Aoki and Dream Theater's keyboard virtuoso Jordan Rudess.
    Question: Where are Apogee products made?
    Apogee products are designed and manufactured in Santa Monica, California.