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About Apogee Interfaces

Apogee interfaces are the product of decades of research and development. Apogee are well known for their innovation in the digital audio field. They started off in 1985, designing filters for digital recording systems. These made the recordings sound warmer, and more like analogue systems.

Nowadays, Apogee are known as big players in the audio interface and converter market. Used by artists such as Grimes, Huey Lewis and Beyoncé, Apogee interfaces for Mac and iOS devices are trusted the world over.

Frequently Asked Questions about Apogee Interfaces

Question: Which Apogee Interface is best for me?
If you are on the go and looking to record to an iOS device in high quality, the Duet, One and Jam series are great. For a high quality studio set up, the Quartet, Element and Ensemble series are outstanding!
Question: Can I use Apogee Interfaces with my PC?
Most Apogee Interfaces are designed for use with Mac and iOS devices only. However, some units such as the Jam+ do have Windows 10 compatibility.