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About Aston Microphones

Aston microphones began with the Origin and Spirit condenser microphones. These are excellent large diaphragm mics with built in pop filters. While the Origin is a fixed Cardioid microphone, the Spirit offers variable polar patterns. The Spirit has many uses. It boasts Omni-Directional, Cardioid and Figure-of-Eight patterns. Both the Aston Spirit and Aston Origin feature a Wave-Form Mesh Head, making them almost indestructible. They are great for studio and stage use.

Aston's Starlight is one of the most unique microphones of all time. It is the first ever pencil condenser microphone to feature a laser pointer, used to target your sound source. Point the laser at your instrument, and the Starlight will capture the sound with spectacular precision.

Aston continue to pioneer new techniques and technology. We're very excited to see what the future holds for these UK made microphones.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Aston Microphones

Question: When and where was Aston formed?
Aston is a British company. The brand was formed in 2015. Each of their microphones is lovingly manufactured in the UK.
Question: Laser beams on a microphone?!
That's right! The laser pointers on the Starlight allow you to pinpoint the sound source you're looking to record. This is particularly useful in applications that may be cramped.