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About Behringer

Behringer make instruments and audio equipment that is both high quality and affordable. They make everything from headphones and microphones to synthesizers and mixing desks.

It all started when Uli Behringer was a struggling musician and couldn’t afford to buy music equipment. He started off building gear for his own use, before it took off and started the company we know today.

Since then, Behringer has been committed to making high-quality audio equipment that is accessible to everyone. Their products feature both original designs and designs based on classic hardware. This includes drum machines, semi-modular synthesizers, mixing consoles and more.

Why Should I Choose Behringer?

  • Quality equipment
  • Highly affordable
  • Huge range of products to suit everyone

Frequently Asked Questions about Behringer

Question: Is Behringer a good brand?
Absolutely! Despite being affordable, Behringer’s products are reliable and sound great.
Question: Where are Behringer products made?
Behringer products are made at their factory complex, Behringer City, in Zhongshan, China.