Behringer Audio Interfaces

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About Behringer Audio Interfaces

Behringer audio interfaces feature clean preamps, quality analog to digital converters, and solid connectivity. There are many options available. One example is the compact UCA202, which has stereo line inputs and outputs. This model is great for recording the output from a DJ mixer or drum machine.

Why Choose a Behringer Audio Interface?

  • Affordably priced
  • Clean preamps and converters
  • Solid connectivity
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Behringer Audio Interfaces

    Question: Do Behringer audio interfaces have MIDI connectivity?
    It depends on the model. The UMC404HD has MIDI in and out on-board. This is ideal for connecting hardware synthesizers and much more!
    Question: I want to record vocals, which Behringer interface should I buy?
    An option with a mic preamp would be ideal for this. Something as simple as the UMC22 would do the trick for recording vocals.
    Question: Where are Behringer audio interfaces made?
    Behringer audio interfaces are made at their factory complex, Behringer City in Zhongshan, China.