BMF Effects

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About BMF Effects

BMF Effects are a pedal company based in Southern California, USA. Established in 2005, they have made a name for themselves with their varied, and interesting hand-made pedals. BMF Effects Pedals cover everything from fuzz pedals, and overdrives, to chorus pedals and more!

Why Should I Choose BMF Effects?

  • Hand-Made
  • Bulletproof construction
  • Incredible sound

Frequently Asked Questions about BMF Effects

Question: Are BMF Effects pedals any good?
BMF Effects pedals are extremely well made pedals. Each pedal is handmade by the technicians at BMF Effects and they have rock-solid construction, build quality and the results their effects provide have to be heard to be believed!
Question: Where are BMF Effects pedals made?
BMF Effects pedals are all hand-made in Southern California, USA.
Question: Who owns BMF Effects?
BMF Effects is owned by Scott Kiraly.
Question: Who uses BMF Effects?
BMF Effects pedals are famously used by guitarist Marc Ford, of Black Crowes fame, BMF Effects even have a pedal named after him, the Marc F'N Ford Overdrive/Boost pedal.