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About Bogner Pedals

Bogner pedals are very popular. The brand, spearheaded by Reinhold Bogner, are a revered amplifier company from LA. Their drive sounds are legendary among rock fans. This line of pedals seeks to emulate those high quality drives with a range of single and dual footswitch effects pedals.

Some of the brand's pedals are directly based on famous Bogner amp channels. Others, such as the Bogner La Grange, are going for a specific sound, This pedal, as the name suggests to those in the know, is Bogner's take on the desirable sound of ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons.

The circuitry within each Bogner pedal is designed in the same manner as the amplifiers. This ensures that the signal behaves in the same way and achieves the same top-end tones.

For years, we have been a significant UK Bogner dealer. We are proud to stock the amplifiers and now we are proud to stock their incredible pedals. Visit us to give one a try or browse online.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bogner Pedals

Question: Where are Bogner pedals made?
They are hand made in Los Angeles, California.
Question: What is the difference between the Bogner Ecstasy Blue and Ecstasy Red pedals?
These pedals replicate the blue and red channels of Bogner's Ecstasy amplifier. They are both mode with Class A gain stages and have no op-amp parts etc so they are very much like the amps. The Red Channel pedal has one more gain stage than the Blue, meaning there is more gain available. Both pedals sound fantastic and both have features like a built in 'variac' mode to simulate the compression of a vintage Variac unit. Each pedal has its own character and application. The Blue Channel amp is great for light, crunchy sounds that have loads of character. The Red Channel has a fantastic high gain sound for chunkier playing and shred solos. Both pedals complement each other extremely well.