Brunswick Ukuleles

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About Brunswick Ukuleles

Brunswick Ukuleles are high-quality instruments designed with beginners and intermediate players in mind. They come in a large range of different sizes, from soprano to baritone.

The BU1 and BU2 Series are ideal for beginners. They are fun soprano ukuleles that come in a variety of vibrant, happy colours. Soprano ukuleles are brilliant when you’re just starting out because they’re small and comfortable. BU1 and BU2 ukuleles have Aquila Nylgut strings and fully geared machine heads. This helps them stay in tune.

Intermediate players will enjoy the rich quality of Brunswick Ukuleles’ BU4, BU5 and BU6 Series. These are sophisticated instruments that come in natural wood finishes and a full range of body sizes. There are ukuleles in this range that come equipped with pickups. This enables you to take to the stage and plug into an amp or PA.

What Makes Brunswick Ukuleles Different?

  • Ideal for beginners and intermediate players
  • Range in size from soprano to baritone
  • Electro-acoustic models available
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Brunswick Ukuleles

    Question: Are Brunswick ukuleles suitable for kids?
    Yes! Brunswick ukuleles are great for kids. The BU1 and BU2 Series are best suited to younger players because they are soprano ukuleles - the smallest size - and come in a range of bright colours.
    Question: Are Brunswick ukuleles good for beginners?
    Yes, Brunswick ukuleles are the perfect instrument for anyone starting out. They make affordable, comfortable instruments that will get you playing in no time. One of the dispiriting things when starting is having to tune frequently. Brunswick ukuleles use good quality strings and machineheads that will help you stay in tune.