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About Chapman ML3

Chapman guitars are a successful brand of guitars designed in the UK by Youtube sensation Rob Chapman. They are built in the Far East. The Champan ML3 is the brand's T-style model. The ML3 is available as both a Standard and a Pro Range model. It comes in two versions: Traditional and Modern. The Traditional model is relatively modern aesthetically but retains classic sounding pickups. The Modern variant is designed more for Hard Rock and Metal playing.

The Chapman ML3 is available in many translucent finishes and is a very popular guitar. As a major Chapman UK dealer, we keep an excellent selection of these models in stock. Come along to your nearest store to try one out or browse the full range online.

Frequently Asked Questions about Chapman ML3

Question: What sort of finish does the Chapman Standard ML3 Traditional have?
The Chapman Standard ML3 Traditional is available in either 'Honey' (Brown Sunburst with Black adging and a Black back) or 'White Dove', which is translucent White. Both have gloss finishes on the body and a satin finish on the neck.
Question: Are the necks for the ML3 Traditional and Modern the same?
Not exactly, no. They share many values but the most significant difference is the number of frets. The ML3 Traditional has 22 frets whilst the Modern has 24. This makes a lot of sense given the expected audience of each model. There are other differences too. The most obvious is the fingerboard. The Traditional model has a Maple board whereas the Modern has an Ebony one. The fingerboard radius also differs. The traditional ML3 has a 9.45" fingerboard radius and the ML3 Modern has a flatter 13.78" radius.
Question: What wood is the Pro ML3 Traditional's body made from?
The ML3 Traditional Pro's body is made from Swamp Ash, with a separate Swamp Ash top.
Question: What types of pickups do Chapman use on the ML3 Traditional guitars?
Chapman use their own design 'Mojo Hand Zero' single coil pickups. These have alnico V magnets for a vintage sound.