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About Crimson Guitars

Crimson guitars hail from Dorset and make beautifully eccentric guitars full of quality, style and quirk. Ben Crowe, the head luthier, has become famous online for his tutorials and unique creations. Crimson guitars make adventurous instruments that employ classic outlines and then advance them with some very original concepts to create a strong brand that is distinctly unique.

Crimson guitars are all hand made in England with excellent quality parts and a degree of finesse. Here at guitarguitar, we love their maverick approach to non-traditional guitar design and carry examples of their work as often as we can. Their individuality is actually surpassed by the quality on display: these guitars are on a par with any boutique builder out there. Check out our selection of Crimson guitars online or talk to staff at your local guitarguitar UK store for more info.

Frequently Asked Questions about Crimson Guitars

Indeed they do and appropriately enough, their highest profile artist is Kinf Crimson leader Robert Fripp. His Crimson guitar has all of the switching, synth access and sustainer technology you'd expect from the man.
Crimson use their own hand wound pickups in all of their instruments.
These guitars are from the Crimson Raw series and are an amazing way of using reclaimed timbers that are structurally sound but cosmetically compromised: knots in the wood and natural cracks are lined with aluminium and copper leaf to make a cool decoration; splits in the wood are held together with awesome steel rods; actual tree bark can be found within natural growths on certain guitars! These are not only environmentally responsible, they are extremely distinctive and look amazing!