EastCoast GT100

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About EastCoast GT100

The EastCoast GT100 is a contemporary spin on the classic ‘T-style’ single-cutaway design. This solid-body electric guitar has all the trademark features of this style. This includes a bolted-on Maple neck with a smooth, playable action, a chrome control panel and two biting single coil pickups.

The EastCoast GT100, and its big brother the GT100H Deluxe, are comfortable electric guitars that sound great. They are also very easy to play. The deluxe model has upgraded woods, boasting a solid 2 piece alder body and Canadian maple neck. This gives the guitar a classic tonewood combination for improved sound, and fantastic looks.

Suitable for a range of musical styles from jazz to pop to rock thanks to its clear and lively pickups, the GT100 is perfect for beginners.

What Makes the EastCoast GT100 Different?

  • Unique single-cut shape
  • Extremely playable
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Frequently Asked Questions about EastCoast GT100

    Question: Is the EastCoast GT100 suitable for beginners?
    Yes, the EastCoast GT100 is perfect for beginners for three reasons: it has a slim, comfortable neck which makes it easy to play; it can be used for a number of genres; and it is very affordable!
    Question: Where is the EastCoast GT100 made?
    The EastCoast GT100 is made in China.