Fender American Special Stratocaster

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About Fender American Special Stratocaster

The Fender American Special Stratocaster is an excellent value USA-made Stratocaster with some cool features that make it highly desirable.

First off, it has Texas Special pickups, which are a popular after-market upgrade for lots of Strat players. The tone control uses a 'greasebucket' circuit to let you roll back the high end without the circuit adding any extra low end, a familiar problem with lots of tone controls.

Also, the neck has a relatively modern carve with an agreeable 9.5" radius and jumbo frets for a playing surface that most guitarists will love. Complete with a 70s style headstock and a brace of cool finishes, the American Special Stratocaster is a justifiably popular choice.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fender American Special Stratocaster

Question: Why are the Fender American Special Stratocaster cheaper than the American Pro Series?
The American Special series is cheaper than the American Pro series for a number of reasons. Firstly, they are available only in a small number of colours and with less time spent on finishing them. This keeps costs down, as does the lack of a hard shell case. They are absolutely American made guitars, but they are made to a speedier production schedule. The American Pro range have had more time spent on each individual guitar, which ups the cost. The American Special Strat is slightly less refined overall.
Question: What are Texas Special pickups?
Texas Special pickups were developed by Fender's Custom Shop. The aim was to get a vintage style sound but with a hotter than average output and a little compression when pushed. Basically, the designers had Steve Ray Vaughan in mind when they made these pickups! The extra output and spice available in the sound make these remarkably useful pickups. You get great quality lead tones at full volume and classic Fender clean sounds with your guitar's volume on 7 or 8.
Question: What is the advantage of Jumbo frets?
Jumbo frets allow you to fret the note without requiring as much finger pressure. This allows the player to play fast and bend strings in wide intervals without any hassle. Jumbo frets provide a modern feel but let you employ advanced playing techniques with ease.
Question: Is the American Special Stratocaster based on a vintage Strat model?
No, it is actually a collection of influences from different eras of the Strat. The headstock and logo are from 70s Stratocasters, the hotter pickups (and the humbucker on the HSS model) are arguably more 80s and the neck carve and jumbo frets are 80s-modern day. The finishes are from all eras of the Strat from the 50s (2 Colour Sunburst, Fiesta Red) to the 60s (Sonic Blue, Olympic White) and beyond.