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About Fortin Amplification

Fortin Amplification specialises in creating custom designed guitar amps, speaker cabinets and effects guitar pedals. They use high-quality components and industry leading know-how to provide modern solutions for the demanding guitarists of today. Many of their products have been produced for those who play heavier styles of music and Fortin Amplification has quickly become a top choice in these genres of music.

Many world class guitarists swear by their products, with Fortin Amplification having a visible presence on stages and in studio all around the world. If you care about the quality of your tone and are looking for solutions that won't let you down, Fortin Amplification is for you.

Why Should I Choose Fortin Amplification?

  • Designed to elevate performance and tone
  • A great range of choice, especially for contemporary guitarists
  • All products are made to a very high standard

Frequently Asked Questions about Fortin Amplification

Question: What is Fortin Amplification?
Fortin Amplification is a company that specialises in creating guitar amps, speaker cabinets and effects pedals.
Question: Are Fortin Amplification any good?
Yes, Fortin Amplification products are very good due to their excellent design, high-quality components and very reliable construction methods.
Question: Who owns Fortin Amplification?
Fortin Amplification is owned by Mike Fortin. He has been a part of the industry for many years and is well known for creating some of the best amps and effects around.
Question: Where are Fortin Amplification products made?
Fortin Amplification products are made in either North America or the UK, depending on the product. Every Fortin Amplification product is made to a very high standard using only the best of components.
Question: Which artists use Fortin Amplification?
Artists who use Fortin Amplification products include Scott Ian, Jeff Loomis, Fredrik Thordendal, Ola Englund, and Dino Cazares. Some of these artists also have signature pedals from Fortin Amplification.