Gibson Cables

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About Gibson Cables

Gibson Cables are some of the best guitar cables you can provide for your guitar. Faithfully carrying the signal from the instrument to your amp, Gibson cables are incredible at removing unwanted noise and keeping the intergrity of your tone intact. Based on vintage Gibson guitar cables from the 50s and 60s, these cables have a real classic appeal to them that's ideal if you're going for that vintage vibe.

Why Should I Choose a Gibson Cable?

  • High Quality
  • Removes Unwanted Noise
  • Silent Plugs
  • Vintage Looks

Frequently Asked Questions about Gibson Cables

Question: Are Gibson guitar cables high quality?
Yes. Gibson Guitar Cables are high quality. Gibson use only premium, low capacitance conductors providing the best tone for your guitar.
Question: What are Gibson cables good for?
Gibson cables are good for guitar players who are looking for a quality instrument cable, that reduces unwanted noise and keeps your tone intact.
Question: Which Gibson guitar cable is best?
The Gibson Vintage Guitar cable is one of your most popular and best selling guitar cables. It provides a great sound, and has a great vintage aesthetic.