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About Graph Tech Accessories

Graph Tech Accessories have quickly become one of the go-to brands for guitar accessories such as bridges, tuners, saddles, and nuts. With their special technology they have developed proprietary materials like TUSQ which is a man made alternative to bone, producing more resonance and staying more consistent in tone than traditional bone nuts. This material has been used to make many guitar parts such as saddles, bridge pins, string trees, and more. This material offers a greater resonance, a brighter tone, and is trusted by some of the world's biggest guitar manufacturers as well as premium custom shop brands. If it doesn't come as standard many players also choose to upgrade their instrument with Graph Tech parts and spares due to their great sound and reliability. If you're looking to boost the tone and performance of your guitar, Graph Tech accessories could be the solution.

Why Should I Choose Graph Tech Accessories?

  • Proprietary TUSQ material improves tone
  • Used by many large guitar brands including premium guitar builders
  • A great upgrade for any instrument

Frequently Asked Questions about Graph Tech Accessories

Question: Are Graph Tech accessories high quality?
Yes Graph Tech accessories are high quality and often used on high end guitars or as an upgrade on guitars.
Question: What are Graph Tech accessories good for?
Graph Tech Accessories are good for upgrading your existing guitar with parts that improve the tone and feel of your guitar.