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About HIWATT Amps

Hiwatt Amps are one of the few amp manufacturers who can genuinely lay a claim to defining the sound of rock’n’roll. Although not as well known these days as their British compatriots Marshall and Vox, Hiwatt Amps can be heard on some of the most classic albums of all time. Led Zeppelin, The Who, Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac, Thin Lizzy, Aerosmith - the list goes on and on.

Hiwatt Amps were founded in the late 1960s in Surrey. They became popular thanks to two key reasons. Firstly, they were built like tanks, perfect for the touring professional musician. Secondly, they had astonishing amounts of clean headroom. Hiwatt Amps could play at blistering volumes and still be sparkling and clear. These days, that makes them perfect ‘pedal platform’ amplifiers.

These days Hiwatt produce a wide range of amps and speakers for guitar and bass. The Bulldog Series and Crunch Series are wicked entry-level solid state amps. The Tube Series features small valve practice amps which are packed with character. The Studio and Stage Series features classic Hiwatt Styles but in more user-friendly 20 and 40 watt formats. And, finally, the DR Series are the classic Hiwatt amplifiers that haven’t changed for 50 years. The Hiwatt DR103 is the 100 watt head played by so many iconic bands.

What Makes Hiwatt Amps Different?

  • Truly iconic British amps
  • Robustly engineered - perfect for touring
  • Bags of clean headroom - ideal pedal platform
  • Frequently Asked Questions about HIWATT Amps

    Question: Who uses Hiwatt amps?
    Hiwatt Amps boast an extraordinary list of artists who have used their amps. Most eye-catchingly is classic bands such as Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and The Who. Many contemporary bands also use Hiwatt amps including The Killers, Oasis and Kasabian.
    Question: Where are Hiwatt Amps made?
    The DR Series and the Studio/Stage Series are both built by hand in Surrey, UK by the Hiwatt Custom Shop. All the electronics are point-to-point hand wired and cabinets made in-house. The more affordable Tube, Crunch and Bulldog ranges are made in the Far East but are assembled and tested in England.