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About James Neligan Guitars

James Neligan guitars, otherwise known as JN guitars, make high quality acoustic instruments. Their awesome cigar box resonator guitars are, as their name suggests, made from square wooden boxes! Distinctive 'ace of spade' or f-hole soundhole detailing adds to the unique look. But it is the sound and feel of these instruments that make them a serious proposition. Despite the low price, they have an authentic and rustic sound, whether played acoustically or plugged in as an electro-acoustic.

James Neligan Cigar Box guitars have four strings and work well played in either fingerstyle or slide style. These instruments are excellent for adding something a little different to your jams and recordings. They work particularly well with open tunings and are easily portable.

Frequently Asked Questions about James Neligan Guitars

Question: What notes are these guitars tuned to?
These cigar box guitars are all 4 string models and the two most popular tunings for this style are G-D-G-B and D-G-B-D.