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About James Trussart Guitars

James Trussart guitars are instantly recognisable. Their classic guitar shapes are made, either partially or completely, out of heavily worked-on steel. Trussart Steelcasters are highly prized instruments. They can be seen in the hands of countless professional artists. Trussart guitars often feature highly engraved sections on both body and headstock. These are coupled with perforated metal and other pieces of metallic hardware. The necks (and often the main part of the bodies) are made of wood for a feel that is familiar to all guitarists.

James Trussart makes solid, semi-acoustic and resonator guitars, all with an element of metal involved in the construction. These are boutique, aspirational guitars. They inspire a lot of discussion due to their attention-grabbing appearance. Trussart hand-builds his guitars in Los Angeles. The metal bodies are distressed to achieve that distinctive look. The metallic construction affects the sound too. Trussarts are known for having a very precise attack and a huge amount of sustain.

We love these guitars and believe them to be modern classics. Browse our full selection of Trussart guitars online. You can also contact your local guitarguitar store to find out more about these unique, high end guitars.

Frequently Asked Questions about James Trussart Guitars

James Trussart guitars are played by Bob Dylan, Billy Gibbons, James Hetfield, Hams Zimmer, Warren Ellis (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds), and Reeves Gabrels (The Cure, David Bowie).
Some steps of the process are an industry secret! But part of the process involves leaving the metal bodies exposed to the weather and outside elements for a period of weeks. They are allowed to rust, before a treatment to stop the corrosion is used. After that, a sanding process is carried out with a final clear coat applied to seal the finish.
James Trussart normally use Arcane Inc. pickups on their guitars. Arcane make a variety of different pickup models.