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About Klotz Cables

Klotz Cables deliver you, the musician, a range of stunning quality cabling solutions with decades of experience in design and manufacture to ensure every cable delivers quality and performance you can rely on.

The Klotz AIS company first started in 1979, and have built on their decades of experience to design some of the world's best microphone cables, instrument cables, patch cables, speaker cables, and just about any other cabling you can think of in the whole audio visual industry! They are the go-to for bespoke design, outfitting artists, venues and installations across the globe. Rest assured, this same artistry and quality goes into their entire product range, right down to the simplest guitar lead.


Why Should I Choose a Klotz Cable?

  • Stunning build quality
  • Wide range of products to suit almost any cabling scenario
  • Fantastic value
  • Dependable
  • Long history of quality

Frequently Asked Questions about Klotz Cables

Question: Are Klotz Cables good?
Yes they are! Klotz AIS manufacturing have been producing stunning quality cabling products for a range of sectors since 1979, and like the rest of their products, their range of audio cables are of outstanding quality and performance.
Question: Where are Klotz Cables made?
Klotz cables are proudly made at Klotz factory and headquarters in Munich, Germany.