Korg Prologue

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About Korg Prologue

The Korg Prologue is an award winning synth and is the flagship of their analog synthesizer range. It is fully programmable and contains a multitude of features, all designed to push the limits on what a synth can do. The Korg Prologue builds on the success of the Minilogue and Monologue and makes use of a Japanese made natural touch keyboard for smooth playing.

The Korg Prologue comes in two models, the 8 and 16, with the number denoting the amount of voices it contains. Both versions of the Korg Prologue are professional level synths, created with stage performance and studio recording in mind. The digital multi engine along with the DSP based effects open up the doors of creativity and allow for an effortless workflow.

Why Should I Choose a Korg Prologue?

  • Features a newly developed powerful digital multi-engine
  • Studio-grade voices that also sound great in a live context
  • Allows for a huge amount of customisation

Frequently Asked Questions about Korg Prologue

Question: Is the Korg Prologue easy to use?
Like the Minilogue and Monologue, the Prologue features an intuitive control interface, thanks to the majority of parameters being editable from the main panel with virtually no 'menu diving' required to edit and create your sounds.
Question: Is the Prologue all analog?
The Prologue does feature analog oscillators, filters, amplifier compression, yet it also features a third digital oscillator, digital LFOs and effects. Korg do promise 'a pure analog path', but you could call the Prologue a 'hybrid' synthesizer. We believe that these digital elements bring some in-depth control in addition to sounds you wouldn't be able to get with a standard analogue synthesizer.
Question: Where is the Korg Prologue made?
The Korg Prologue is made in Japan, resulting in a meticulously assembled and fantastic sounding synthesizer.
Question: Is the Korg Prologue any good?
Yes, the Korg Prologue is an excellent polyphonic analogue synthesizer as it is packed with features and benefits from great build quality.
Question: Does Korg Prologue have aftertouch?
The Korg Prologue does not come with aftertouch but instead has natural touch with velocity, however installing the firmware 2.0 update will add MIDI Aftertouch.