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About La Patrie Guitars

La Patrie guitars are part of the Godin family. The brand specialise in nylon string acoustics. This includes Spanish classical models and an interesting range of parlour shape guitars. La Patrie acoustic guitars are made in Canada using ecologically sound tonewoods. Most of these are locally sourced. Their Mahogany is from Honduras.

La Patrie guitar designs balance traditional classical design with modern building techniques. Quality levels are high and Godin's signature semi-gloss finishes are on display here too. Players looking to broaden their horizons with new sounds and techniques will really enjoy these guitars. Try one out at your closest guitarguitar store or browse our entire range online.

Frequently Asked Questions about La Patrie Guitars

Question: Do La Patrie guitars have an unusual scale length?
Yes, they do! La Patrie guitars have a scale length of 25.66" which is a tiny bit longer than the standard 25.5" scale. This gives the guitar a little extra tension across the strings which is important for the feel of the nylon strings.
Question: What type of woods are used in La Patrie guitars?
La Patrie use various woods in the production of their guitars. The top is always solid Cedar, the necks are always Mahogany and the back & sides can be Wild Cherry, Mahogany or Rosewood depending on the model.