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About Le Pape Guitars

Le Pape is a boutique guitar brand from France. Le Pape guitars are made from carefully distressed aluminium for both visual and sonic benefits. They are generally modeled on classic designs from the fifties, with distressed and etched aluminium bodies and aged hardware.

The bodies are usually semi hollow, often with internal wooden inserts to support the frame. The necks, as you might expect, are made form wood, often Mahogany, and opt for a more vintage spec in terms of profile and radius.

Le Pape guitars are a fantastic choice for tone fanatics who prefer cleaner, lower gain sounds. You can browse our range online or contact your local guitarguitar store to find out more!

Frequently Asked Questions about Le Pape Guitars

Don't worry! Le Pape use a special final clear coat on the aluminium body to prevent further rust and corrosion.