Line 6 Spider V

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About Line 6 Spider V

The Line 6 Spider V is a range of guitar amplifiers with digital modelling technology. This is the 5th generation of the Spider range, with each generation increasing in technology and features.

Line 6 are famous for their modelling technology. They are able to capture the sounds of famous amplifiers and effects. They then recreate these sounds digitally for guitarists to enjoy in an affordable, easy to use way. Line 6 Spider amps are a fantastic practice, rehearsing and recording tool. There are a range of differently sized models in the collection, all of which offer a large number of high quality tones.

Aside from the sounds, Line 6 Spider 5 amps offer a number of other innovations. This includes the ability to play without a cable via their Relay G10 technology, which is sold separately to the amps. Certain Spider 5 models also contain handy features like drum loops, metronomes and guitar tuners.

At guitarguitar, we have been big fans of Line 6 for a long time. We have been behind every successive generation of Spider amp and have great stock of every model in the range. Visit your nearest guitarguitar store to try out a Line 6 Spider V for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions about Line 6 Spider V

Question: Which models make up the Line 6 Spider V range?
In total, there are 6 amps in the range: the Spider 20, 30, 60, 120, 240 and the 240 head.
Question: Do I need to connect a speaker to the Spider V 240 head?
Not for practising: the Spider V 240 head features the innovation of having two 4" speakers built in for jamming at home in a standalone fashion. You only need to connect a speaker cab when you play with your band.