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About Lunastone Pedals

Lunastone pedals is a boutique brand from Denmark. Company owner Steen Grøntved is on a quest to create the 'perfect overdrive pedal'!

The Lunastone TrueOverDrive pedal is the result. The brand makes a selection of other drive pedals too. These cater for those looking for fuzz tones and other flavours of drive.

Browse our entire selection of Lunastone guitar pedals right here on the site. You can also visit us in-store to try them out in person.

Frequently Asked Questions about Lunastone Pedals

At guitarguitar, the TrueOverDrive is the bestselling. The Big Fella True Overdrive comes in second!
Both Lunastone TrueOverDrive pedals have the same transparent cascading gain circuit. The difference is in the EQ. The model 2 has a stronger low end. This facilitates more muscular tones.