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About Mad Professor Pedals

Mad Professor Amplification are a boutique amp and pedal brand from Finland. They have been making bespoke pedals since 2002. They are known for their high quality levels and ultra-durable construction as much as for their sound.

Mad Professor offer 'factory' and 'hand-wired' guitar pedals. These include drives, reverbs, fuzzes, delays, phasers, tremolos and many more.

As one of the forerunners of the boutique market, Mad Professor are partially responsible for blazing the trail that has led to the current market.

We have a large selection of Mad Professor pedals in stock both online and within our stores.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mad Professor Pedals

Question: What type of effect is the Mad Professor Golden Cello?
The Mad Professor Golden Cello is actually two pedals in one. Switching on the pedal gives you a combination of wonderful, natural overdrive and a delay effect. The idea is that you get a brilliant lead guitar tone with just one stomp of your foot!
Question: What is the Mad Professor Little Tweedy Drive pedal?
The Little Tweedy is designed to give a vintage, low gain overdrive like the type you would get form a quality 'tweed' valve amp combo. This overdrive pedal is called 'Little' Tweedy since Mad Professor also make a Big Tweedy which has a similar but slightly more aggressive sound.