Music Man St Vincent

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About Music Man St Vincent

The Music Man St Vincent guitar is a bold and brilliant collaboration between Ernie Ball's top designers and eccentric American musician St Vincent. With a striking 'gender neutral' body shape and unique inlays, the Music Man St Vincent is a guitar with the charisma and charm to match its creator.

The Music Man St Vincent has proven to be a popular model and has earned itself not only a host of fresh finishes but also an affordable Sterling model. This is a highly playable instrument full of tone and performance potential. It also really sticks out from the crowd in a way that is somehow both subtle and ostentatious.

We love the Music Man St Vincent guitar and keep as much of a variety of them in stock as is possible. This includes the Sterling models as well as the top end BFR limited edition guitars. Buy online or visit your local guitarguitar UK store to experience in person the guitar everybody is talking about.

Frequently Asked Questions about Music Man St Vincent

The 3 pickup model is available in four colours: Vincent Blue, Tobacco Burst, Polaris White and Stealth Black. The 2 pickup HH model comes in four different colours: Charcoal Sparkle, Sea Breeze, Blue Dawn and Stealth Black.
There is a pleasing versatility available since the three minihumbuckers work alongside a 5 way selector. You get strong humbucker tones and thinner 'in-between' tones too. Lots of genres will play well on the St Vincent Music Man guitar.
They do! The original St Vincent model has three mini humbuckers but there is also a model with two full size humbuckers.