Native Instruments DJ Controllers

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About Native Instruments DJ Controllers

Native Instruments make some of the best controllers on the market. They design amazing quality software and hardware. For the DJs out there, they created the TRAKTOR software. Along with this, they offer a series of tightly integrated controllers to go with it.

From the modestly priced S2 to the motorised jogwheel-toting S4 MKIII, to the behemoth that is the S8, there's something at all price points.

Native Instruments DJ Controllers are some of the finest in the game. Among these is the Traktor Kontrol. They even offer modular controllers like the F1, giving you more control over remix decks!

Frequently Asked Questions about Native Instruments DJ Controllers

Question: Is the Traktor software included with the controller?
Traktor Pro 3 is included with every S-series Traktor Kontrol. The modular controllers come with sounds for remix decks, as these are more of an add-on device.
Question: Do Native Instruments Traktor Controllers come with the cables to get started?
Yes, a USB cable and power supply are included with the units where applicable.