Native Instruments MIDI Keyboards & Controllers

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About Native Instruments MIDI Keyboards and Controllers

Native Instrument MIDI keyboards are loved for their hardware integration and enhanced workflow.
You're going to love the premium feel of the keys on a Native Instruments keyboard, but the genius in their design is how they integrate with the Komplete Kontrol software. Designed to allow you to search, select and edit sounds without you having to move your hand over to the mouse, you'll find that this approach vastly improves your workflow.
Every preset in every Native Instruments plugin, as well as many other virtual instruments by other brands, have been tagged with details of each sounds unique characteristics. These include if the sound is short or long, hard or soft, acoustic or digital, polyphonic or monophonic. Many more key characteristics are tagged to make it easy to find the type of sound you're looking for.
This means that if you're looking for a glockenspiel sound, every glockenspiel sound in your instrument library will be brought up in a list. You can then quickly scroll through the sounds to find your favourite. This breaks the habit of going to the same handful of plugins each time you create a session.
In addition to the tags, each preset is also mapped to the controls on the keyboard. This enhances your workflow even more and negates the need to go to your mouse to edit patches.
Native Instruments MIDI keyboards have pioneered this unique approach to controllers. They have won many awards as a result!

Why Should I Choose a Native Instruments MIDI Keyboard?

  • Premium build quality
  • Tag bases system enhances your workflow
  • Each of your plugins is auto mapped to the controls on the keyboard

Frequently Asked Questions about Native Instruments MIDI Keyboards & Controllers

Question: Do Native Instruments MIDI keyboards come with software?
Yes, in addition to the Komplete Kontrol software, you also receive downloads of Maschine Essentials, Ableton Live Lite and a selection of virtual instruments to get you started.
Question: How many keys do Native Instruments MIDI keyboards have?
Native Instruments MIDI keyboards are available in 25, 32, 49, 61 and 88 key models.
Question: How do you change presets on a Native Instruments MIDI keyboard?
Each Native Instruments keyboard features a set of controls that interact directly with the Komplete Kontrol software. Komplete Kontrol can be run as a standalone application or as a plugin within your DAW. By selecting "Browser" on the keyboard, Komplete Kontrol will bring up its menu system where you can select the tags for what style of sound you're looking for. This will narrow the selection of available sounds in the list and you can then scroll through the sounds using the arrow keys on your keyboard.