PRS Sonzera Amp range just announced

NAMM Published on 13 January 2017

PRS Sonzera Amp range

The new, all tube amp line up from PRS.  Built from superb quality components, boasting some cool and unique features but remaining fantastic value for money! Heres a few bullet points and key features of the Sonzera lineup. 

  • All Tube, great crunch, clean and dirty tones
  • Plenty of headroom, 
  • oversized transformers, 
  • Celestion speakers 
  • USA designed ( originally was to be a full fat US made amp, so has all the tweaks bells and whistles.)  
  • Crucially - 2 completely individual channels with SEPARATE EQ.
  • Separate Reverb sends each channel
  • 3 models at launch (speaker cabinets to follow)
  • First delivery to Europe in April

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