Meet and Greet with Cole Clark CEO Miles Jackson

NEWS Published on 20 March 2017

We are very pleased to have Miles Jackson, CEO of Cole Clark Guitars, coming to our Camden & Epsom stores for the day.

We will be setting up a dedicated Cole Clark area,with the new 2017 range of guitars, plus there will be the unveiling of the new Cole Clark Little Lady.

This will be first time the new Little Lady has been shown to the public. Prices for the Little Lady start at £999.00

Miles will be chatting to musicians, talk about his new products and what further products he has coming out in 2017 (which includes a Cole Clark bass).

Miles joined Cole Clark as CEO in 2012, although he was an original investor in the company when it started back in 2001.

guitarguitar Camden 31/03/17 10:00 - 17:00

guitarguitar Epsom   01/04/17 10:00 - 17:00

Cole Clark steel string acoustic guitars are the only main stream acoustic to use a Spanish heel or integral neck construction. This means the neck is glued to the face along with the sides and the back so the neck is one piece all the way to the sound hole. On other guitars, the body is made then the neck attached, mostly with a bolt or dove tail join. Due to our method, the sound is unique. Cole Clark also has a carved top and back and uses a ridge system to join the sides to the top and back instead of kerfing.