Fender Mustang GT Series - New!

NEWS Published on 01 May 2017

The New Fender MUSTANG GT Series

How can a modern legend like the Mustang digital amplifiers be improved? Simple—we do it again, bigger and better with the Mustang GT. We take seven decades worth of experience crafting inspirational tools and use it to add new (and better) amp and effects models, while making it easier to use all of this without sacrificing one iota of power. We make it easy to control a studio’s worth of authentic amp and effects models with one finger via Bluetooth and the exclusive Fender Tone app.

We invent the world’s first WiFi-equipped guitar amplifier, making it easy for you to download the latest updates, access Fender artist-created Presets, and connect directly with a community of other creative players and music makers like yourself. We create the Mustang GT digital amplifiers.

Packed with 21 classic amp models—everything from the renowned ’59 Bassman to modern metal—and 47 different effects, the Mustang GT digital amps can easily recreate classic tones or create brand-new, never-before-heard sounds. We developed new algorithms with even higher fidelity and more realistic response, along with more signal path flexibility so you can move effects anywhere in the signal chain for creative exploration. Program your sounds in the studio on the Mustang GT’s large, full-color LCD display and then, with one hand, take them anywhere for the most realistic listening experience possible.

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We invented inspiring tone, and our updated amp models let your instrument’s voice and the dynamic nuances of your playing come through, reacting just like the originals to your every move. Lighten your attack to “clean up” your sound or dig in to make it grunt or howl. The Mustang GT and its speakers reproduce every part of your performance or Bluetooth wireless audio stream with precision.

Adding convenient, one-finger control to the Mustang GT’s power is the easy-to-use Fender Tone app. Not only can you connect to the Fender digital ecosystem for learning and sharing, you can easily upgrade the amp’s capabilities, adding more power and presets without patching a single cable or plugging in a soldering iron.

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With three models, there’s a Mustang GT that’s ideal for any musical application. The 40W, 2x6” Mustang GT 40 is ideal for home or dorm use, fitting perfectly on a desk or bookshelf. At 100W and sporting a powerful, natural-sounding 12” speaker, the Mustang GT 100 is ideal for rehearsing, recording and playing small clubs. The 200W Mustang GT 200 is perfect for recording and rocking big rooms, with two 12” Special Design speakers and a 4-button switch included. Mustang I V2 model not part of the Mustang GT series refresh at this time.

Fender Mustang GT Amps

The free, exclusive Fender Tone app adds a one finger control to the Mustang GT’s power and connects to the Fender digital ecosystem for learning and sharing presets. Fender Tone makes it easy to augment the Mustang GT series’ impressive capabilities. Fender Tone allows access to a virtually endless number of Presets via an intuitive interface.

As the world’s first WiFi-equipped digital guitar amplifier, Mustang GT makes it easy to download the latest updates, access Fender artist-created Presets, and connect directly with a community of other creative players and music makers. Bluetooth LE support lets you stream music wirelessly to the amp, enjoying the pristine sound of the Celestion® Special Design speakers, or program the amp wirelessly, using the Fender Tone app.

Mustang GT includes both genre-specific and artist-specific Presets—the actual sounds from the studio and stage, created by the artists themselves. No other manufacturer has Fender’s access to inspiring artists across such a wide variety of genres, from hip-hop to metal to pop to jazz. Furthermore, presets are updated on a regular basis, making the amp more powerful and more flexible.

Mustang GT’s true-to-life amp and effects modeling would be worthless without speakers that can recreate the sound precisely, without any coloration. Mustang GT 100 and 200 incorporate Celestion® Special Design speakers that not only enhance your instrument’s tone, but sound great when streaming Bluetooth audio.

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New models and effects with even more realism, increased signal path exibility, more realistic response, “setlist” support and effects spillover when changing Presets. We’ve updated everything about our digital modeling.

Stream stereo music wirelessly from any Bluetooth device, or customize the Preset from across the room with any iOS or Android smartphone.

With the world’s first WiFi-equipped, “intelligent” amplifier users can download the latest firmware updates, access Fender artist-created presets, and connect directly with a community of players to share user presets, playing tips and more.

Use the onboard looper as a creative tool to create lush, multi-layered soundscapes, or as a practice companion to hear scales and chords in context. Looper requires optional footswitch.

The optional 4-button footswitch (included with Mustang GT 200) provides hands-free control of effects and the looper, making Mustang GT a performing powerhouse.

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Search and browse the many included Presets created by Fender sound engineers, artists and users using the Fender Tone app, while a dedicated website—tone.fender.com—is the one-stop destination to browse and share presets with other creative players. The Fender Tone app’s intuitive interface lets you quickly select a Preset, make changes and hear the results in real-time, instantly.

Even though Mustang GT has 21 classic amp models and over 45 different studio-quality effects, it’s quick and easy to make changes and hear the results immediately.

“Setlists” are customized Preset groups. With Setlists you can quickly access your favorite tones—perfect for gigs, rehearsals and lessons.

For beginners, working with amps and effects for the first time can be daunting, while experienced players may be curious about how amps and effects work together to create a certain sound. Tone Tips are clear, illustrated walkthroughs that offer information and usage tips about amp models, effects and signal chain basics—everything needed to begin creating or refining your sound.

We believe Mustang GT is for everyone, so we’ve created an exclusive free app—Fender Tone—that works with any iOS- or Android-compatible device, as well as Mac and Windows-based personal computers.

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