Top Ten Christmas Gifts for Guitarists!

Published on 13 December 2019

Welcome, friends! It is time, once more, to pick out some excellent gifts for your musical loved ones. As always, we have scoured the vast array of potential products and picked a plump pocketful to pass on for your perusal! 

You'll find guitars on here (wouldn't it be strange not to?) but also effects, amps, synthesizers, recording equipment and more! We think these are all great bits of gear, and are - generally - on the more affordable side of things. Having said that, we have made the odd indulgence too, which, for this most generous of seasons, seems acceptable.

Have a glance through our Santa's sack of goodies and see if any of the choices we made here ar esuitable for your music-loving family members. Stock levels at this time of the year are likely to slide around in most unpredictable ways, so if you see something you like, don't hang around! Swift action guarantees a regret-free Christmas!



Blackstar Super Fly Silver Bluetooth


This fantastic amp is full of features and is perfect for playing and writing in your home. With two completely independant channels, you can jam with a friend, or plug in a mic and do a little singing! Bluetooth capability allows you to stream songs to play along to, or just use the Super Fly as a portable speaker! It runs on mains power or batteries, has a good selection of controls and sounds brilliant!


ZOOM G1 Four


Zoom always provide pretty spectacular bangs for low numbers fo bucks, and this new compact multi-effect unit certainly complies! Taking for granted the vast selection of quality effects on offer, let's look at some other reasons to choose the Zoom G1 Four for a gift. How about the onboard drum machine? The onboard looper? Chromatic tuner? Headphone jack for amp-free private jamming? Add this all up and it's already a bargain, before even taking into account the smorgasbord of preset tones that run from sensible to 'out there'! This is a handy purchase for ALL guitarists.




Audio Technica ATH-M20X Headphones

A good set of cans is an essential for all musicians. Whether you use them for home practice or recording, being able to hear, in isolation, what you're up to without the 'input' of family, friends and neighbours is a requirement for the redemption of sanity. Pick these massively competitive units from Audio Technica, and wonder why so many people pay so much for so little extra! The ATH-M20X headphones sound great, are relieable and are relatively 'flat', meaning they will not flatter your wonky mix with extra unwanted EQ from the phones. These are affordable and highly recommended.


EastCoast M1SM

You may already have your 'main' acoustic guitar slot filled inlife, but there is something madly more-ish about these smaller travel-sized acoustics that compels us! They are so pick-uppable and so playable! If you have kids or pets scuttling around the house, you may prefer to keep your favourite guitars in their cases: this means that you don't play as often as you want to. Are we right? Get one of these super affordbale, but still wholely satisfying M1SM model from EastCoast and make it your go-to plaything! It has a solid Mahogany top, so it's no toy! We love it, and at this price, everybody else should too.




Landlord FX Happy Hour Looper

Loopers have, in recent years, become a staple of the pedalboard almost as much as an overdrive or tuner! Looping has infinite possibilities for the inventive guitarist, many using multiple devices to achieve super-creative results. This Happy Hour looper from Landlord FX is made of solid stuff, works like a charm and is indecently cheapt to buy! This is the easiest, cheapest and most fun way to enter to loop!



Korg Monologue Silver Analog Synthesizer

Synthesizers needen't be overwhelming, though lots of guitarists find them slightly intimidating. Korg take a lot of the fear out of this with their BRILLIANT sounding, and very straightforward Monologue. It's analog, it's monophonic and some of the sounds and ideas have been created by none other than cyber-maniac/genius Aphex Twin! What more do you need? A step sequencer? Battery or mains power options? You got it! Add this to your setup and enjoy expanding your sonic horizons.




Audient iD4 Audio Interface

Audient get our vote for best value interface this year. If you were looking for an extremely cost-effective way to get your ideas out into the world, connect this to your laptop and get going! It's a USB interface with one combination jack input, so you can plug either a regular 1/4" jack or balanced XLR lead. The iD4 has phantom power for using with condenser mics, and has a very handy monitor mix control, for when you are trakcing and require a little more of 'you' coming through the phones, whilst not mixing with the levels of your insturment. We like this, as we like the 2 headphone outputs! Good thinking!


Boss WL-50 Wireless

Play your guitar with freedom to cut shapes and pose properly with this great wireless setup! Boss have made this technology easy to use, effective and sensible. Stick the reciever on your pedal board, plug in and play, safe in the knowledge that you'll be getting up to 12 hours' charge from the WL-50's rechargeable transmitter. Latency levels (when there's an agonising gap of nothing before you hear your note) are forgettably small here, at a teeny 2.3ms (your ear can;t even register that) and you get around 20m of range, which, let's face it, is definitely enough!




Zoom H1n Handy Recorder

It's a stalwart; a trusty wrench in the toolbox; a handy torch in the glove compartment. Zoom's H1N Handy Recorder is the industry standard for capturing moments fo audio as they happen. Band rehearsals, songwriting ideas, spoken word situations and interviews...this is one handy little guy to have in your bag! It's really easy to use and is supremely affordable. The mics on top are good quality and the whole unit is just a good design. Like we said, it's a trusty tool! Make sure your guitar-loving present reciever has one of these!

If they do though, maybe get them this instead...


Gibson Custom Shop Slash Signed 1966 EDS1275 Doubleneck Replica Aged Ebony

It's relatively unlikely that your loved one has one of these! But hey, they'll defintiely appreciate it! Two full necks of Gibson Custom Shop greatness, one 6 string and another 12 string, both aged superbly in order to recreate Slash's own beloved Doubleneck. Did we mention that it was also been signed by Slash himself?

As a talking point, it's sensational. As an instrument, it's incredible. As a gift, it's quite possibly unbeatable!

The Gibson Slash Doubleneck is a truly limited edition guitar, with only a tiny number remaining available. Secure yours now, before it's too late and you ruin Christmas!



Guys, we truly wish you a most Merry Christmas! We hope that these suggestions are helpful and that they may spark your tired brain into one last spurt of present-buying activity! You'll get a rest soon! We hope you have a great Christmas when it comes, and a Happy New Year! 

Thanks for reading

Ray McClelland

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