Ableton Live 10 is Here!

Published on 06 February 2018

Music makers, rejoice... Ableton Live 10 is finally upon us.

That's right, the wait is over and the next generation of Ableton's acclaimed performance and production software has arrived. With an updated IntroSuite and Standard version, there's plenty to get excited about and we've been dying to find out about all of the new features!

So, what have you got to look forward too? Well, as always, there's no better way of figuring out all of the intricacies of the update than to get stuck in and find out by yourself, but there are certainly a few tantalising features that we can see making a big difference. 

Starting off with the subtleties, the first thing that Ableton have looked at is the interface itself, which has been tweaked to ensure an even more productive user experience. Already praised for its excellent workflow, Live 10 promises to be smoother still, both in terms of display and usability. Perhaps the most significant changes for us in terms of playability lie within the arrangement view, where Ableton seem to have really taken feedback on board and have introduced some really handy features. These changes include access to a Capture mode for laying down ideas (even if you're not recording), simultaneous editing of multiple MIDI clips,  along with a massively expanded functionality for clip editing and selection, as well as increased control over automation and more.

However, not by any means limited to the arrangement section, the full platform has been reimagined with subtle workflow changes. Improvements to the mixer, browser and group sections mean that Live 10 promises to be the most advanced, usable setup yet. Along with this, updates to Push make it even more streamlined and playable. A new melodic step sequencing layout, advanced device visualization and a MIDI note view all help to wean you away from your computer screen and onto the hardware, meaning even less creative roadblocks. 

There are also some new plugins are waiting for you to get your hands on and that's never a bad thing! Ableton have introduced a brand new Wavetable synth, faithful to the looks and feel of its predecessor Operator, that looks like a LOT of fun... Allowing you to shape, stretch and morph sounds using wavetables derived from analog synths and a range of other instruments and sounds, this is a seriously powerful tool to have at your disposal.

There are some really solid looking effects plugins too such as Echo (a vintage style delay), Pedal (which allows you to bring in the sound and vibe of a guitarists pedalboard into Ableton) and Drum Buss (a one-stop tool for processing and treating drums and percussion).

For us, Ableton have done exactly what we'd have hoped for with their update. Rather than grand reveals of overly complicated new features, they've simply continued to do what they do best by adding some interesting new tools and capabilities to an already advanced platform. Totally taking on board the feedback from their users, Live 10 has been painstakingly designed to inspire creativity, improve workflow and simply make it a more intuitive platform to work from. Ableton have knocked it out the park with this one and we cannot wait for the coming weeks as we get properly stuck in and discover all of its new features! 

Get yourself a Live 10 crash course with Ableton's Learn Live 10 YouTube series now!

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