NAMM 2018: BOSS Katana Artist

Published on 24 January 2018

With their Katana series going down an absolute treat, BOSS have boldly taken their next step into amplification and we're very pleased to reveal the result; the BOSS Katana Artist 100W Combo. A more boutique alternative to the rest of the Katana range, the Katana Artist has been painstakingly designed and the result an extremely playable, great sounding and practical amp. Designed with both live performance and studio use in mind, this is a seriously impressive and adaptable piece of kit!

So, what makes the Katana Artist special? Well for a start, it has a BOSS Waza Craft speaker on the inside. Custom-built for this amp, the speaker has been meticulously designed to provide a rich, warm tone that strikes the perfect balance between classic sound and modern playability. The outcome is a stunning sonic experience with sparkling, detailed highs and thick, rich lows. The Katana Artist doesn't lose any detail when it's pushed either and maintains a solid tone with loads of clarity. 

Another notable difference between the Artist and previous Katana models is a redesigned semi-enclosed cabinet. This adds to the Katana's classic combo sound while still maintaining plenty of punch. An in-depth control panel on the front gives you a wealth of options including 15 effects, a 3 band EQ, volume gain and as with the rest of the range, a selection of 5 channels. However, again these have been reimagined and redesigned for the Artist model and sound better than ever. Also included on the front panel is a cab resonance control which changes how the amp moves air around while you play and lets you amend and fine-tune your tone. If that's not enough, you even have hands-on control over its "Line Out/Air Feel" which lets you adapt and simulate various recording mics while "Blend" controls their distance to the cab. Also kitted out with a power control for 100w, 50w and 1/2w settings, a MIDI in to allow you to hook up a MIDI controller to the amp and a USB out which gives you access to a further 58 tweakable BOSS effects via their Tone Studio, this is a whole lot of amp at a very reasonable price!

We were lucky enough to get our hands on one of these for a demo, but we're expecting more to arrive shortly. Pre-order to bag yourself one now, we can't see these hanging around for too long!

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