NAMM 2018: BOSE S1 Pro

Published on 23 January 2018

Recognised worldwide for providing top-tier audio that even the fussiest of listeners will testify to, Bose have taken over the world with their outstanding products. Ranging from headphones to home speakers and everything in between, their name is synonymous with quality and professional listening. Bringing an almost unheard of level of practicality to your live sound, this unassuming little unit is the Bose S1.

Ultra-portable and miraculously with a total weight of only 15 pounds, the Bose S1 represents a landmark in PA design. However, to call it just a PA would be paying the S1 a discredit. Also capable of being used as a music system or even as a practice amp, the latest from Bose is one of the most adaptable and versatile speakers like this we've ever seen. Built using only premium parts, the S1 has a lot going on beneath its shell. With features such as articulated array from their acclaimed L1 and 3 quarter inch drivers from the Bose F1 mounted in front a high excursion woofer, the S1 isn't just loud, or powerful, it's also extremely crisp and clear with a wide dynamic range. Its three-channel mixer gives you hands-on control over its EQ and reverb controls and you can even stream music directly to it or play it through a connection. On top of that, Tonematch technology allows the S1 to adapt itself to best suit is application and has selectable options to optimise guitars or vocals. If that doesn't minimise unnecessary setup time enough, this incredible intuitive piece of kit can even tell what way it's been positioned and adapt its EQ accordingly, ensuring that you never get any less than a stunning quality of audio. Given that this one speaker's uses range from a full-blown monitor, a floor monitor or out on the street as a busker amp; this is a pretty attractive feature and it makes a huge difference to how plug and play the S1 is. In fact, it even has an optional battery with a Quick Charge function to make it even more practical and portable.

The S1 promises everything you'd want in a lightweight speaker of this size and then some. We can't wait to get dug into this little beast and really see what it can do and we'll be demonstrating its capabilities in stores, so make sure you come along and see what all of the fuss is about!

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