Introducing: Roland Cloud

Published on 31 January 2018

With synths and studio gear not only more advanced and accessible but also affordable than ever before; there's literally never been a better time to write or record computer-based music. You can say what you want about how the tunes were better back in your day, but there's certainly plenty of kit you can get your hands on to change that!

One of our favourite brands, Roland have plenty of powerful gear you can add to your studio without breaking the bank. Despite having a wide array of high-end units, they cater to the struggling producer too with loads of well-priced options that punch well above their weight!

However, their expertise isn't limited to hardware and the Roland Cloud is the perfect way to prove that point. Opening their online doors to customers, the synth heavyweight's cloud-based option gives you access to over €4000 of instruments for only £18.95 a month. An unbelievable resource for those who love to try out different instruments and experiment with a wide a variety of sounds, we see the Cloud as the perfect way for loads of producers to live out their dream of an extravagant studio stacked up with synths, but simply can't afford it. 

The best part?

You can sign up for a FREE 30-day trial without even having to enter any card details!

Designed to operate with all major DAWs, the Roland Cloud allows you to try out and use a massive range of their acclaimed instruments, including everything from a Legendary bundle which celebrates the legacy of classic synths such as the Juno 106 and Jupiter 8, right through to the AIRA series which gives you access to VST equivalents of the System-8 and System-1. Don't worry either, if you happen to get attached to any of the instruments you try out, Roland allow you to keep one synth per year thanks to their Loyalty Program. That means even if you cancel your subscription, you'll still have access to the instrument you chose. 

With a Cloud manager to help you easily manage and install the software, along with regular updates based on user feedback, the Roland Cloud really feels like the future. Considering how much access to this gear would've set you back as little as a few years ago, it's actually pretty mind-boggling that you can get stuck into it for such a low monthly cost. We love the notion of being able to explore their full collection and choosing a favourite each year. A great way to expand your collection of software, your knowledge of syntheses and have what feels like almost limited options for your music; the Roland Cloud is a must for anyone who feels like reinvigorating their creativity!