guitarguitar Demo: Positive Grid BIAS Pedals Overview

Published on 13 February 2018

Taking us completely by surprise with their supreme quality and adaptability, you may remember how excited we were when we first learned of Positive Grid's brand new BIAS pedal range, which puts the capabilities of their advanced effects software into hardware pedals, allowing you to build up your own bank of completely unique effects and take them out on the road with you. We've got absolutely loads of time for their software and couldn't wait to try out the hardware equivalents for ourselves...

Well, we're glad to see that the day has finally come and we're even more pleased to share that we were completely gobsmacked by these pedals. Pretty much opening up unlimited possibilities to you, these are some of the most exciting units on the market at the moment and we were totally blown away by their advanced capabilities, thick, full and most importantly realistic sound. Take a look at out our full overview now, where you can check out all of their features and find out why we think the Positive Grid BIAS pedals could be the future of guitar effects! 

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