An Evening with Jeorge Tripps

Published on 06 February 2018

Quirky, ingenuitive and distinctive, Way Huge are up there with our favourite pedal manufacturers. Offering an extremely high quality but reasonably priced standard and always bringing something exciting and innovative to the table, these striking pedals cover pretty much every sonic option you'd ever care to plug into. Renowned for their fuzz and drive boxes, in particular, opening up the crazy cartoon packaging and switching on a Way Huge pedal always leaves you satisfied and craving more of their awesome effects!

Fancy checking out some of their awesome gear? Well, we're very happy to share that we're welcoming Way Huge head honcho Jeorge Tripps to our Birmingham store to run through everything we love about their pedals!

We'll be joined by Jeorge for an in-depth Q&A session about the full Way Huge range. Whether you're on the hunt for a distinctive tone, feel like finding out more about your favourite pedal or simply want to optimise the Way Huge gear that you have; this is an incredible opportunity to get a detailed rundown from the mind that dreamed up units such as the Swollen Pickle, Aqua Puss and Pork Loin to name a few. 

Jeorge will have a massive selection of Way Huge for you guys to wrap your ears around and will even be doing some playing to really exhibit the lineup and show you how to get the best from each pedal. Not only that, Jeorge also plans on bringing a few unreleased pedals along for you to check out. These units aren't available for general sale but will be available for purchase at the event. If you're a Way Huge die hard, or have ever been curious about what they've got to offer, this is an absolute essential!

You can bag your FREE ticket here.

guitarguitar Birmingham - 28th of February