A Closer Look: PRS Wood Library

Published on 23 February 2018

Providing nothing less than exemplary quality instruments, each with their own distinctive sound and style, PRS have never wavered when it comes to building stunning guitars. Immediately endearing themselves to just about anyone who happens to pick one up, the playability, rich sound and gorgeous make-up of these guitars is a testament to the companies painstaking building process and craftsmanship. 

Representing some of the finest models PRS have to offer, their Wood Library allows dealers and builders to select timber from a vast collection of exotic, rare and simply different woods, resulting in some absolutely breathtaking combinations. Giving you an instrument which is totally unique, we were lucky enough to be able to order some of their latest run of LTD Edition Wood Library Models; including a Custom 24, a Singlecut McCarty 594 and a magnificent McCarty 594. These are some absolutely fantastic instruments that we'd really recommend viewing in store, but for the meantime, you can take a look here...

PRS Wood Library Custom 24 Flame Maple 10 Top

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PRS Wood Library McCarty 594 Singlecut Satin Autumn Sky 

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PRS Wood Library McCarty 594 Satin Whale Blue 10 Top 

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