A Closer Look: PRS CE24

Published on 23 February 2018

With a rich history in building distinctive, high-quality guitars, PRS are among our favourite manufacturers, constantly delivering on every essential; style, structure and most importantly, sound. Among their most popular models are the CE series, a range which was originally released in 1988 to fit in between their high-end Custom models and something with more twang, resonance and a bolted-on neck. However, rather than simply providing a stripped back PRS Custom, the brand developed a worthy beast in its own right and the CE24 has quite rightly amassed a loyal following over the years!

Now reintroduced and just as desirable as ever, we've decided to take a closer look at two of our favourite models from our selection of CE24s. With so many gorgeous guitars to choose from, it took a bit of deciding, but eventually, we settled on an awesome Trampas Green and a Ltd Edition Satin Scarlet Sunset Burst to showcase.

Both guitars are extremely versatile thanks to PRS’s acclaimed 85/15 humbuckers, which are balanced sounding with a good level on output and also very convincing as single coils when using the coil tap circuit. Flaunting beautiful Mahogany bodies with figured Maple tops and then exquisitely finished, these really do look incredible and feel exceptionally comfortable to play. The CE24’s Pattern Thin maple neck is bolted into the body with a deep-seated neck join and has an East Indian Rosewood fretboard, along with the PRS cherry on top... Bird inlays.

Offering a pretty unique playing experience, every guitarist should try out a CE24 at some point in their playing career. Bringing their own distinctive flavour to the table, we love the PRS vibe and the CE range are up there with our favourite models, bringing tremendous value for money for such versatile, well-crafted and amazing sounding guitars. Don't just take our word for it though, stop by to your local store to check out their selection and plug one in for yourself...

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