Guitar Clinic: Paul Reed Smith

Published on 06 March 2018

If you're as obsessed with PRS guitars as we are, then we have a very exciting surprise for you. Fresh off announcing their brand new Silver Sky models, PRS are showing no signs of slowing down and we've been absolutely dying to get our hands on the new releases to try them out for ourselves. To put it quite simply; we can't get enough of their instruments, which have done nothing but reaffirm our faith in their builders time and time again. Never providing anything other than tremendously built, perfectly finished guitars, the Silver Sky series represents a new frontier for the company and we couldn't be more excited to check them out...

So, when we got the opportunity to have PRS founder Paul Reed Smith return to our Camden store, we couldn't believe our luck! A true legend who has had a massive impact on the electric guitar as we know it, Paul's knowledge of his guitars is unbelievable and we're over the moon to get the chance to pick his brain about everything PRS!

Paul will be joining us in store to show off not only our massive range of PRS guitar, but also the Silver Sky series in the flesh. This is a rare opportunity to hear from one of the most influential figures in contemporary guitar design and be one of the first to check out some of the most exciting guitars on the market while you're at it. We expect tickets for this to fly out, so make sure that you don't hang about!

To reserve your space, please give us a call on 0203 675 9100 or email us at 

guitarguitar Camden 11:00am 22/03/18