Komplete Start: Your Free Ticket Into The World of Native Instruments

Published on 22 February 2019

As a music producer, you have nearly infinite possibilities open to you in terms of software instruments and effects. There are so many options around, it can be hard to choose. Free software is always appreciated, as it can help budding new producers get started, or add a new tool to the box for those more experienced. This is why we happen to be super-excited about Native Instruments' announcement of KOMPLETE START, which is an ABSOLUTELY FREE software bundle featuring some fantastic software synthesizers, samples, effects processors and more. All of which run within your recording software of choice!

This really is an excellent package, and we urge everyone to take advantage of it. We're certain that there will be something in there for most producers! To download the KOMPLETE START software bundle, just head over to Native Instruments' website here and grab it for free!

After trying some of these plugins out, you may find yourself wanting to explore what else Native Instruments have to offer. The good, nay, GREAT news is that this is just the tip of the iceberg!

For the uninitiated, Native Instruments make some of the best software instruments and effects on the market (as well as some tasty hardware). Komplete 12 is a software bundle consisting of tons of great instruments and tools for the producer, composer and performer alike. You have lush software synths, powerful samplers, extremely realistic sampled instruments such as pianos, world and orchestral instruments, and way more available. 

Check out Mad Zach going over a lot of the instruments included with Komplete 12 in this video:

Interested in what KOMPLETE 12 has to offer? You can check it out right here at guitarguitar today! 

Have any questions about it at all? Many of our staff are Native Instruments users themselves and will be happy to give you advice. All you have to do is get in touch with us!

Native Instruments Komplete 12

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