Videos: Exploring Alternate Tunings

Published on 03 April 2019

It's easy to let your playing go stale and it's even easier to fall into the pattern of using the same techniques, chords and scales. While it can be disheartening to feel like your creativity is losing its spark, don't worry - it happens to loads, if not all of us. When you first start playing, it's far easier to push yourself because every riff you learn is such a glorious achievement. However, as you progress it can be tough to keep up that momentum and we totally sympathise! So, we've dedicated some time to showing you guys our tried and tested methods for breathing some energy back into your playing. 

Recently, we've been checking out one of the most simple yet effective surefire ways to inspire your creativity - alternate tunings. Why? Well, switching up your tuning can be a great way to take you out of your comfort zone, forcing you to think of your instrument and, more importantly, playing in a different way.

Sound good? Well, let's kick things off with Bobby of guitarguitar Glasgow as he looks at how to use CGDCGE tuning and discusses some of the benefits!

If you enjoyed delving into that and feel like you learned a little, then we reckon it's time to get back to your tuning pegs and try something new. Next up Bobby checks out a tuning that wouldn't even spring to mind for most of us - EADGBD# 

If you had fun trying these out, or would like to hear more, head over to our YouTube channel now for loads more tips, product demos, interviews, gear chat and everything in between!

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