Videos: Your Dream Pedalboard for Under £500

Published on 10 April 2019

There are plenty of common questions that come up in our stores, so we thought we’d take a look at something we get asked a lot - what effects would we recommend for a pedalboard under £500?

Now, we stock a huge range of effects pedals, multi-effects, pedalboards and power supplies, so we fully understand that finding the right stompboxes for your ideal setup can be tough. That’s why we thought we’d show you some of our favourite tuners, overdrives, distortions, reverbs, delays, and loopers, along with all the other essentials, such as, power supplies, boards and even patch cables that don’t break the bank! The moment you find the perfect tools for your dream pedalboard you’ll know and we think that this setup which comes in at under £500 is pretty mighty for its price. It's also very compact and road ready, making it a great shout for gigging guitarists. We’ve selected options from some of our go-to brands including Ibanez, TC Electronic, Keeley and Landlord FX and we were really impressed with how the board ended up sounding.

So, enough chat, let's take a listen, shall we?

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