Videos: What Is a Baritone Guitar?

Published on 17 April 2019

You may have checked out our recent blog where we looked at a question that often comes up in our stores: what is a baritone guitar? Well, just in case there was still any confusion, we thought we'd give you an even closer look and listen to the wonder that is the baritone! We love the distinctive sound of a baritone and think these guitars are criminally underused, so we figured we'd break down some of the finer details including the tunings, strings, pickups and scale length used to help demystify these axes. Vini in our Epsom store has a soft spot for the fantastic Chapman ML1 Baritone so we decided we'd focus on that model in particular for this video.

For more details, head over to our in-depth blog by clicking here but for now, here's Vini to get you started and let you hear how great a baritone can sound!

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