Videos: Rob Chapman Demos the ML1, ML2 and ML3

Published on 30 April 2019

Taking the industry by storm with their frighteningly versatile and seriously cool range of guitars, Chapman Guitars have really impressed us since they first arrived in our stores, so who better to give us a rundown on them than the man behind them, Mr Rob Chapman himself!

Chappers visited our Epsom store recently to have a chat with us about the ethos behind the brand, the work that went into creating their new models and some of his favourite guitars and we had an absolute blast hanging out with him. With a whole selection of guitars ranging from more affordable models right through to the full-featured Pro series, there really is something for everyone and we've been blown away by how well equipped even the less expensive Standard guitars are. These instruments most definitely deserve your attention, whether you're a road hardy riff head or a bedroom player, so take a look below as Rob breaks down a few models from his Standard series: The ML1, ML2 and ML3.

First up we check out the fantastic Standard Series ML1 V2, have a listen to how it sounds!

Next in the firing line is the Standard Series ML2 V2, check it out below!

Finally, Chappers tries out the Standard Series ML3 V2. Have a listen now!

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