Videos: Trying out the Brand New MXR Carbon Copy Mini

Published on 01 May 2019

Today is a seriously good day because we're able to share the latest innovation from our friends at Jim Dunlop... The MXR Carbon Copy Mini! Every now and then a pedal comes along which is so well built and great sounding it becomes something of an industry standard and the original Carbon Copy units very much fall into that bracket. As the delay of choice for countless iconic players, these are still some of the most sought after pedals in our stores and we can fully understand why - nothing quite compares to that hypnotic Analog sound!

Now, we know what you're thinking, how could I possibly fit another pedal onto my overloaded board!? Well, the Carbon Copy Mini packs that timeless delay into a far smaller pedal so that you won't need a degree in Tetris to slot it into your setup. There's no loss in tone either and we'rem happy to report that all of the rich, hypnotic patterns you know and love still sound as exquisite as ever. Covering everything from a subtle slapback effect to full on psychadellic dreaminess, these pedals cover absolutely loads of ground and its no mystery why they're first choice for so many players. Also featuring the classic Mod button to allow you to bring in some shoegazey Chorus sounds, the Carbon Copy Mini is every bit as capable as its predecessor and we pretty much fell in love as soon as we plugged it in...

That's enough chat though, have a listen to the MXR Carbon Copy Mini below!

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